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Sri. Sirungattur Nadathur Sriramadesikan
Date of Birth: 21.06.1921
Place of Birth: Kancheepuram

Sixty years in Literary Service. Tribute by Eminent Luminaries.

Glowing Tributes were paid to Sri S N Sriramadesikan (21.06.1921) by distinguished luminaries on the occasion of his completing 60 years in literary services.

Sri. S. N. Sriramadesikan is a great literary scholar in Sanskrit and Tamil owing a wide range of publications in Sanskrit, Tamil and English to his credit. He has been untiringly striving for the cause of National and linguistic integration of India by rendering classical and most popular Sanskrit works into Tamil and vice versa and no wonder he won great accolades from on and all. He held several positions. He is recipient of great honours from both Government and Non-Government Organisations.                                  more>>>

Religious and Literary Articles
1.India’s Cultural Heritage
2.Vyasa and the Puranas
3.Sage Veda Vyasa and Indian Culture
4.Message of Lord Sri Krishna
5.A few thoughts on Mahabharata
6.Kalidasa Ramayana
7.Bhakthi Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Prapatti Yoga
8.Sri Ramanuja and Visishtadvita

1. India’s Cultural Heritage
The encyclopaedic synthesis sponsored by the Ramakrishna Institute of Culture is a symbol of the renaissance of Hindu thought and ideals as well as a treasure house of ancient lore; and the whole range of Indian civilisation and the variegated products of Hindu culture have been dealt with in several volumes dealing with religious philosophies, literature and the arts and sciences from the twilight of time up to the present day.

The admitted achievements of India in the directions of assimilation, adaptation and synthesis of various points of view surmounting all diversity and conflict will be illustrated by the movements recorded in these volumes. The religious, artistic and philosophical developments in India demonstrate India’s consistent striving towards Samanvaya, that is, reconciliation and concord. Culture patterns have been modified from time to time....                                more>>>

1. President Award for Sanskrit Scholarships 1971

2. Uttar Pradesh Government’s Prize for Avvaiyar Sanskrit Translation work – 1973.

3. Government of Tamil Nadu Honour by shawl at Valluvar Vizha, 1986.

4. Directorate of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy Honours by Shawl while releasing Charake Samhita Ayurveda of Tamil Translation book – 1988.

5. Tamil Writters Association Gold Medal Presentation – 1969.

6. Karaikudi Kamban Kazhagam – Honoured with Shawl – 1965.

7. Madras Bharatiar Sangam Honoured with Shawl – 1963,

8. ‘Samaskrita Ratna’ Title given by Literary Association – 1970

9. ‘Kalaimamani’ Title given and honoured by Government of Tamil Nadu 1993 March.                                      more>>>
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